Is branding important for your restaurant?

May 15, 20210 comments

Branding is the heart of a business

It is normal that when we are thinking about the things, we need for our restaurant to be successful, we think about managing resources, improving our dishes, optimizing expenses, and other factors towards the gastronomic world; but most likely branding is not in the first 10 considerations.

This can be a mistake, because contrary to what you may think, branding can not only increase the performance of your restaurant, but it is also a fundamental factor in achieving success.

Branding is more than a logo

Branding is not a logo, or the colors that represent your restaurant, in the words of Scott Cook, a brand or branding is not what the consumer thinks it is, but what they tell others that it is. Branding is the experience that customers have in your restaurant, the memory they have after consuming your product, if your restaurant were a person, branding would be the way to describe their personality.

To develop a branding, you must take into account such fundamental things as your mission and vision, your target audience, your competition, the experience you want your customers to have with your food, which is what makes you unique. All of these are necessary factors for the development of your brand. Of course, you will then need an icon that visually represents all these values, that’s where the logo comes in.

If the branding is the personality of your restaurant, the logo is the face. A good logo inspires confidence, makes you visible among your competitors and identifies all your marketing media. It is the banner of your restaurant, and as an important icon it must be unique, distinguishable and memorable.

And… Is just a logo enough?

Obviously, the logo is the beginning of what will be the visual identity of our brand. We must take into account very important aspects to maintain a distinctive identity that is completely adequate to our needs, among the other factors that we have to take into account are:

☑ The menu

☑ Photography

☑ Website

☑ Implementation in social networks

☑ Napkins

☑ Stationery in general

How to start building branding for my restaurant?

As we have already mentioned before creating a branding can be a difficult process, there are many factors to consider, having an objective vision of your project can always be the best option. Hiring an expert is always the best formula for success, but before hiring a design agency, bear in mind two extremely important factors.

The first factor to consider is that a visual image without strategy is throwing money away, a design agency that is not prepared to do an exhaustive analysis of your business can hardly understand your needs, understand your business indoors and know each one of your processes is essential for the creation of a functional branding. The second factor is the experience of the agency, it is best to look for an agency specialized in gastronomic branding, since only a company that knows the sector can diagnose a correct strategy and on the right path.

As you already know, at Delicias Marketing we specialize precisely in this area, our creative chefs would be delighted to learn about your project and know if we can help you, if so, we will gladly do so.

We thank you for getting here, what did you think of this article? Share your opinion in the comments, and if you want us to develop a specific topic, do not hesitate to mention it, see you next time chef.


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